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New led grow lights 2023 - Mars Hydro Smart FC6500 Samsung LM301B 730W


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cannabis plants

Mars Hydro Smart FC6500 Samsung LM301B 730W

Was $739.99 Now !! $589.99 !!

In stock, ready to be shipped
Free shipping in the USA (lower 48 states)
Ships discreetly
Ships in 1-3 business days

cannabis plants

Unique Features
APP-Controlled FC-6500, a member of the Mars Hydro smart grow system, is one of the first revealed smart LED grow lights that support mobile control and growth plan programming. Densely mounted with Samsung LM301B chips, and a full spectrum light that is rich in red and blue and adopts a uniform photon distribution to maintain an even PPID and optimal PPF across the canopy.

-Wattage - 730w
-Personal Cultivation Coverage - 5x5 ft
-Commercial Cultivation Coverage - 4x4 ft
-For Indoor Horticulture growers, from professional cultivators to hobbyists.

"Light Features
High PPE: 2.85 umol/J
Up to 2.5 g/W
DLC & ETL listed
Samsung LM301B & Osram 660nm LEDs
50% higher PPFD compared to HID lamps
Balanced, full-spectrum light output
50% lower power consumption compared to HID lamps
8 passively-cooled bars provide broad-coverage for full-cycle growth
5-year Manufacturer's warranty
IP65 waterproof

Top-quality LED Chips

The entire grow light is driven by top-bin Samsung lm301B chips and an exclusive efficient power supply to deliver potent and effective lighting throughout indoor plants for quick growth and rewarding yields. High performance and high efficiency guaranteed up to 2.85 μmol/j.

Uniform PAR Distribution and High PPFD Output

Multi-light bar design and dense distribution of light chips enables the LED grow lights to have PPFD values in the range of 1000-1500 μmol/m²/s throughout the effective coverage area.

Professionally Designed Spectra

The blue and red light are enhanced on the basis of a specific spectral combination, accelerating plant growth while improving the yield and quality of the plants. Ensuring uniform plant growth.

Daisy-chain Dimming Function

The dimming function is available for brightness from 10% to 100%, allowing for different stages of plant growth and saving electricity. Up to 30 lights can be daisy-chained together and be controlled by one master light.

Commercial LED Grow Light

Wave-shaped heat sink increases the heat dissipation area to provide good heat management for commercial growing. 180°foldable for easier installation.

DLC Certification and 5 Years Warranty

DLC-certified LED grow light with the highest industry standards for quality and efficiency. And the lights come with a five-year warranty and a local repair service to address any quality issues."

cannabis plants

cannabis plants

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