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Best trimming kits for cannabis plants - Happy Hydro | Trim Bin Kit


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cannabis plants

Happy Hydro | Cannabis Trim Bin Kit

Free shipping in the USA (lower 48 states)
Ships discreetly
Ships in 1-2 business days

Happy Hydro has put together a bundle of our favorite indoor gardening accessories. See your herbs with clarity, trim them with precision, and dry them to perfection with this accessory kit.

Harvest Bundle includes:
Trim Bin
LED Loupe with 30x and 60x Magnifying Lenses - Includes Batteries and Case
2x Trimming Scissors | Stainless-Steel | 1x Curved Blade, 1x Straight Blade

Trim Bin
A fine place to trim your buds. High walls allow you to keep at it for a while before getting up out of your luxurious station to move to their next resting place. Collect all of your kief/pollen from your harvest. It certainly beats finding leaves in your couch or all over your floor covered in your dogs fur. A perfect size tabletop or laptop work station that will collect all of your small leaves and the micron screen will allow the fallen trichomes to fall through. When you're done, you'll have a separate pile of sugar leaves and when you lift up the second tray you'll have a sizeable amount of kief/pollen! Complete with a brush to sweep up your pollen!

Jeweler's Lighted High-Power Eye Loupe 30 & 60x LED
See microscopic detail with complete clarity. Our professional-grade Jewelry Loupe with LED illumination is an indispensable tool for indoor gardeners. Equipped with dual lenses, this compact folding magnifier fits discreetly in a pocket. Each lens features a bright LED light, so you can evaluate even the tiniest details. Includes batteries and carrying case.

Ergonomic Spring-Loaded Trimming Scissors with Stainless-Steel Blades
Take the pain out of gardening! If you’ve been using regular scissors to trim, shape, or prune, then it’s time to say goodbye to aching wrists, sore hands, and blisters! Now you can accomplish the task effortlessly with Happy Hydro’s premium stainless-steel scissors. The razor-sharp blades come to an ultra-fine point for the most delicate pruning tasks.

cannabis plants

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