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AutoPot GeoPot 6 Pot System (3 gal or 5 gal fabric pots) by AutoPot USA


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cannabis plants

AutoPot GeoPot 6 Pot System

Availability: In stock, ready to be shipped

From the greenhouse in your garden to acres of commercial glasshouses; AutoPot can provide any grower of any ability with a watering system, large or small, that will far exceed their expectations.

Thanks to the AQUAvalve technology; AutoPot is the only watering system in the world where each individual plant controls their own irrigation and receives fresh nutrient enriched water exactly when they need it.

By consistently meeting the plant's requirements, growers using AutoPot achieve even growth across the entire crop.

Why use this watering system?
Healthier, heavier yielding plants that receive fresh feed whenever they need it

No more daily watering, the system can be left unattended for weeks

All our systems operate without electricity, pumps, timers or mains water

Proven to be one of the most water efficient irrigation systems worldwide

Environmentally sustainable, no water is ever lost

Can be used to grow any crop variety; edible or ornamental

Adaptable and easily extended in minutes

GeoPot 6 System includes:
1x 25 gal FlexiTank or 25 gal FlexiTank Pro or No FlexiTank

1x 1/2” click-fit tank filter or 1/2″ ProFilter click-fit tank filter

1x 10ft length of 3/8″ pipe

1x 10ft length of 1/2” pipe

1x 1/2” in-line tap

3x 1/2”-3/8″ cross connectors

6x 1Pot XL tray & lid

6x 3 gallon or 5 gallon G Lite by GeoPot fabric pot

6x AQUAvalve5

8x PotSock Round

The AutoPot GeoPot System combines our power-free, water-efficient, low-maintenance, modular systems with high-performance G Lite fabric pots from GeoPot for the first time. Available in either a 3 gallon or 5 gallon size, you can pick which size fabric pot you want to use in your AutoPot GeoPot System!

Fabric pots stimulate plant growth by aerating, feeding and guiding the root structure rather than merely containing it.

The porous BPA-free, lead-free fabric pot material allows improved gas exchange in the substrate. Free to breathe the root zone can see dramatically enhanced oxygen levels – supercharging growth.

When root tips reach the porous side of a fabric pot, they are ‘air-pruned’ – deterred from extending any further by the air outside. Secondary roots then develop, creating a fibrous root structure with vastly improved moisture and nutrient uptake. Root circling is also thus eliminated making it possible to produce bigger plants from smaller pots.

Extremely durable and reusable the G Lite Pots by GeoPot are easily cleaned between uses if desired. Once emptied, they are best left to dry. After a few days any dust and small roots are easily brushed off. Whilst this level of cleaning is completely sufficient the fabric pot may be machine or tub washed in peroxide in order to sterilize. Do not put fabric pots in a tumble dryer.

A GeoPot XL System contains all you need to set up an automated watering system with fabric pots. The compact size and portability that GeoPot brings to XL means jaw-dropping reductions in shipping costs and much easier storage for stores and growers alike.

As with all of our systems, the GeoPot System is easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single reservoir. The pots and trays can be easily moved at will, if the plants grow too large they can be spaced further apart with ease. Once set up with a water and nutrient-filled reservoir this extremely versatile, gravity-fed system will run automatically. It will completely take care of all your plant's needs without the need for pumps, timers, or intensive maintenance.

When growing in AutoPot Watering Systems it is essential that a PotSock Round (PotSock included) be fitted to the base of each GeoPot to provide root control.

cannabis plants

cannabis plants

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AutoPot GeoPot 6 Pot System (3 gal or 5 gal fabric pots) by AutoPot USA - by potads - 02-20-2024, 10:52 AM
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