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Discounts on all led lights -== Advanced LED Lights Diamond Series Ex-Oil


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cannabis plants

The Biggest Breakthrough in LED Grow Light Technology. Period.
The EX-OIL Grow Light is a partner light to increase oil in any plant when paired with any HID, LED, or greenhouses. Building on the success of the flagship Diamond Series, the new EX-OIL light uses the cutting-edge design and materials from USA partners and suppliers to create the highest level of performance available anywhere. With hundreds of hours of research in the Advanced LED Lab, this light has proven to increase oil production by 15%-20%!
To give you the very best in LED selection, the EX-OIL comes with high-output 5w Cree & 3w Cree LEDs, creating the most powerful LED grow light for oil production available on the market. The EX-OIL allows you to control your spectrum output and intensity unlike other grow lights with a single switch or no controls at all.

[*]Partners with any LED, HPS, Metal Halide, or Florescent grow lights
[*]Adds resistances to your plants, better protecting them from diseases and pests
[*]Designed to use in conjunction with HPS and LED grow lights to increase Oil Production by 15%-20%
[*]Simple setup, no need to alter your current growing environment
[*]Fits in most grow spaces due to its compact size, Low power requirements, and very low heat output
[*]Color Spectrum Specifically Crafted to Push Plant Oil Production to Its Limit
[*]Cutting-Edge 5w & 3w LEDs Single Chip USA Made
[*]Honeycomb Fan Cover with Dust Filter
[*]Custom Designed Diamond Vents for optimal Air Flow
[*]Advanced LED Drivers for Higher Performance
[*]Color Select Dimmable Switches with Clone, Veg and Flower Modes
[*]Dual Heat Sink Reduces Heat by over 50% vs Others
Advanced LED provides the best warranty in the industry without exception and they have taken pride in their warranty service for the last 7 years.

Try their exclusive LED grow lights for 12 weeks and if you are unhappy for any reason, just send it back for a 100% refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. No restocking fees no surprise shipping charges or any other hidden fees!


cannabis plants

cannabis plants
Model/SKU: Diamond Series EX-Oil/dsoil
Power output: 177 watts
HID equivalent:  ~300 watts
LEDs and Spectrum: 5W Cree White LEDs, 3W Cree blue LEDs, 3W UV LEDs
Lens: Precision 90 Degree XML Collimator Lens
Coverage area: Total coverage: 4.5' x 4.5' (54" x 54"); Core coverage: 3' x 3' (36" x 36")

Thermal management: Large heatsinks and Whisper Quiet 120mm Fans
Daisy-chainable: Yes
Dimensions:  19" x 8" x 3"

cannabis plants

Product weight: 11 lbs
Product includes: 

1 x Exclusive LED Grow Guide

1 x 75″power cord in 110v US (220v and international plugs available – contact us after you place the order)

[*]Also included: hanging cables, hanging rope ratchet, and daisy chain cord
Recommended for: Increasing oil production in plants; Grow Tents; Home and Commercial grows; Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems
Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years

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