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Fair donations prices/AAA+++ medical marijuana/a step above top shelf!


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Hello patients and welcome,I have got some top-shelf indoor strains.Very dank, frosty, tight,dense buds.Lots of bag appeal.good trim job.All indoor organic fire grown in soil, Flushed well,(The Real indoor grade AA++ a step above top shelf!!).No funny bugs or mold.These meds are truly grown with LOVE and attention;everything is done the right way, with no short cuts.This is good medicine for good people.You must have a current, valid Doctor's Recommendation and California ID if you are here in California prop 215 (if not say that ahead of time)rick Simpson cannabis oil,crumble and shatter top shelf wax is also available with free delivery.I can supply the right person year round.I'm also very serious about establishing a long term relationship.If your tired of high prices from your supplier and your looking to save you some cash for whatever cost then send me a text.I have the GRADE AA++ indoor buds that you would probably be interested in purchasing,Willing to ship out of state.I am looking to establish a relationship with a few like-minded individuals out there.Do not contact me if you are affiliated with LE or a postal inspector. I've been in this field a LONG TIME. I will know if you're the affiliated with the feds . Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.

-Deal directly with grower
-No middleman
-No brokers
-New weekly harvests
Donation rates are as follows
-Units. . .. . .. . ..$1500
-HP. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ..$1000
-QP. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ..$600
Best Deals ever!
Current strains are:
-OG Kush
-Sour Lemon OG
-Bubba Kush
-Super Silver Haze
-Blue Dream
-Sour Diesel
-Larry Og

-Menu updates after every 3 weeks
Call or Text Farmer at (720) 460-0991 !!Text preferred.
No BS,No kids only professionals and business minded individuals.Thanks!
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Fair donations prices/AAA+++ medical marijuana/a step above top shelf! - by chandel - 01-16-2020, 08:24 AM
This site is non-profit making
Cannabis seeds in some countries are illegal to grow and sell, please stick to your countries/states laws. are not responsable for any money transactions made between members sales on or off site. Please help and report scammers which you think may be using this site to gain profit from the sick dealing in the medical cannabis side of the industry. Thank you - potads admin.
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