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Triminator TRP Stack 25 Ton Rosin Heat Press


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25 Ton Rosin Heat Press

cannabis plants

cannabis plants

The Rosin TRP Stack offers the same force as it’s predecessor but with twice the surface area to maximize production. The TRP Stack offers drip technology for faster cooling and terpene retention.
Squeeze More with Drip Tech.

Engineered to offer simplicity in high volume extraction, the multi-platen design was built for production scalability.

The Rosin TRP Stack provides drip technology allowing the rosin to quickly drop to a cool surface with a seamless rotation of the platens.

With 6 precision heating elements, 25 tons of force, and a high visibility design, pressing commercial volumes while maintaining consistent yields and quality has never been easier.

Up to 0.75 lbs per press
25 tons of Pressure
Easy Pivot Drip Tech System
Food Safe Aluminum Plates: 6" x 10" plates
PID Temperature Gauge: Individual platen temperature control
No Flex Frame
Hydraulic Pump: Air or Electric Pump options available; (manual hand pump available)
Dimensions: 22.4" x 27.3" x 12.9"
Weight: 151 lbs
120V only
20A Circuit
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