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buy rosin press online from ledgrowlightsdepot


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buy rosin press

cannabis plants

Rosin Tech Products Junior Kit

cannabis plants

Save 5% on all Rosin Products. Code: ROSIN

Looking for the complete set up and a deal? We've put together combo kits to help you get your lab production up to speed in no time. The Starter Kit includes:

1 x RTP GOLD Series Manual Hydraulic Rosin Tech Heat Press
1 x PollenMaster 150
1 x 100 Pack of RTP Rosin Filter Bags -  1.75 inch by 5 inch bags (your choice of micron)
2 x 50 Pack of RTP Folded Parchment Paper
1 x XL Scraper
1 X RTP Snapback

RTP GOLD Series Manual Hydraulic Rosin Tech Heat Press

Heat Press Style: Hydraulic
10 Ton Jack
Dual Heat Plates
2" x 4" Solid Aluminum Plates
Control the speed of your press
Gauge Reading: Fahrenheit or Celsius degree measure
Digital Temperature Control & Digital Automatic Timer
Temperature Range: 0° - 482º F
Electrical Specifications: 110 Volts | 800 Watts | 7.3 Amps
Shipping Dimensions: 19 inches by 12 inches by 23 inches; Weight: 88 lbs

Process 150g at a time
150 micron screen included
Arrives ready to plug in to US/ Canadian 120V
Boxes made from food grade Polypropylene - heat and cold resistant
Shipping Dimensions: 20 inches by 14 inches by 12 inches; Weight: 10 lbs
RTP Rosin Filter Bags - 1.75" x 5" - 100 pack (your choice of micron)

Available in 8 different micron sizes: 25u, 45u, 73u, 90u, 120u, 160u, 190u, 220u
Seamless Technology
Size 1.75" x 5"
1 x 100 pack in Starter Kit
RTP Folded Parchment Paper - 50 pack

8" x 8" (Post Folding)
35lb paper weight
Double sided Silicone+ coating (highest release available)
FDA approved
Kosher compliant
Made in USA
2 x 50 pack in Starter Kit
XL Scraper by Skilletools

Medical Grade Stainless Steel
8 inches long, 1 inch wide on flared side
RTP Snapback Hat

cannabis plants

buy rosin press from ledgrowlightsdepot
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