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ONE STOP SHOP 5 FLAVORS!!. INDOOR (3 flavors) GH (2 flavors) LD(1 flavor)


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I am just looking for a few reasonable people!

If you move 10 units a week? If you want to move 10-100 units a week?

Start as small as ¼ lb. and build your market.

Pay half and the balance upon delivery

We always have a wide variety of strains and all ranges of quality.

Are you looking for consistency?

Are you looking for a safe stress free transaction?

We all know that professionalism, safety, along with a wide variety, is precious. All this value comes at a reasonable price.

We are source and supply for your Service Business.

Fifty years of experience in all aspects of the industry
A huge variety of strains and value points to view: indoor, greenhouse, Light deps.
A safe place to view products and conduct business.
First step is to meet in person!

Please understand this is a process to establish our business relationship.

You will need to provide ID, and a selfie of you holding your ID and Dr. rec.

No consignments! You can start out small and build your market…

Text or call or whatsapp (530) 8719992
Wickr. legitsales4ever
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09-16-2020, 06:48 AM

12-01-2018, 08:00 PM
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Cannabis seeds in some countries are illegal to grow and sell, please stick to your countries/states laws. are not responsable for any money transactions made between members sales on or off site. Please help and report scammers which you think may be using this site to gain profit from the sick dealing in the medical cannabis side of the industry. Thank you - potads admin.
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