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How to cure epilepsy in dogs with cbd oil


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Mary’s CBD Pet Tinctures
Canada only cannabis deliver
from a legal dispensary

$35.00 – $60.00

Buy Mary’s CBD Pet Tincture at Online Shop

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Take care of your furry little friends with a tincture designed to relieve their stresses and strains. When your pet feels anxiety or discomfort, trust this hemp-based CBD product to ease their strife. In as little as 5 minutes, one dosage of oil will bring your loyal partner back to a happier self. Simply drop in their treats, dab on their ears or rub nto their paws and rest easy knowing your companion is soothed.

Alaskan Fish Oil, Cannabis Hemp Extract

What’s In The Bottle
50ml bottle containing 125mg, 250mg, 500mg CBD
50ml bottle containing 200mg CBD

125mg Bottle: 1ml contains 2.5mg CBD
250mg Bottle: 1ml contains 5mg CBD
500mg Bottle: 1ml contains 10mg CBD

200mg Bottle: 1ml Contains

Directions/Suggested Use
Always start with a small portion (1-2 dops) in order to determine your pet’s reaction.

Keep out of reach of children. Please consult with your veterinary practitioner if this product/strength is suitable for your dog.

Shelf Life/Storage
Can be stored in cool/dry place for 1 year.

cannabis plants

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