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Triacontanol cannabis booster is a natural pgr


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About this item
Plant Growth Company's Tria Booster promotes chlorophyll and increase photosynthesis
Tria Booster is a Hydroponic Nutrient that promotes energy storage, whilst improving cell permeability and increasing the plant's nutrient intake
Enhance enzymatic activity and promotes mineral absorption to increase seed germination and rooting.
Protect plants from stress (including heat stress). Resulting in healthier plants & vigorous growth
Increases yield, protein dry material content and promotes maturation of plants.

The ultimate growth enhancer. Can be used in all systems, hydroponic, soil, coco, etc. Can be used the whole cycle through in conjunction with your base fertilisers and boosters such as PK etc. Suitable for veg and bloom cycles upon till harvest.
Your plants will go wild for it! You can easily double your yield if your basic parameters are all in check.

This is the best booster on the market. You can only get this from the Plant growth company and our agents. This booster is not currently available at any hydroponic shops.

Try it! You will not regret it! The stuff is liquid gold
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