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New cannabis strains 2024 -- Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™


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cannabis plants

Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™

Up to 28.5% THC! A testament to the advancements in modern autoflowers

cannabis plants

cannabis plants

cannabis plants

Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ represents a pinnacle in modern autoflowering strains, boasting an impressive THC content of up to 28.5%. Its flavor profile, reminiscent of lemon cherry cookies, and visually stunning purple hues make it a sensory delight. The effects of this strain are equally remarkable, offering a potent yet soothing experience accompanied by a euphoric cerebral high that melts away tension. As the smoke unfurls, its Indica characteristics emerge, leading to a long-lasting, deeply relaxing sensation that envelops the body while fostering a profound sense of creative inspiration. Ideal for connoisseurs seeking a well-balanced Indica-dominant strain, Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ promises a satisfying and harmonious journey.

Bud Description:
Anticipate dense, fragrant buds with vibrant purple tones and long, dark orange hairs emerging from thick and frosty calyxes. These rock-hard flowers are coated in a thick resin layer by harvest time, emitting a sweet and sour aroma with subtle funky undertones.

Smoke Reports:
The potency of Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ exemplifies the potential of modern autoflowering strains. With THC levels reaching up to 28.5%, it induces a strong yet blissfully relaxing effect, accompanied by a joyful cerebral high that melts away stress. As consumption progresses, its Indica influence becomes more pronounced, transitioning the energizing effects into a long-lasting, full-body relaxation that leaves users feeling content and creatively invigorated. Perfect for those who appreciate a well-balanced Indica-leaning experience.

Plant Appearance:
Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ grows with a compact structure, displaying classic Indica traits such as broad fan leaves and short internodal spacing. Thanks to its genetics, it's relatively easy to cultivate and seldom requires support, as its branches effortlessly support the weight of its thick colas. During later stages of growth, expect a stunning array of colors as green hues shift to various shades of purple, accompanied by fan leaves taking on a dark pink hue.

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