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High thc cannabis strains 25% - Pineapple Chunk Feminised Seeds


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cannabis plants
cannabis plants

Pineapple Chunk Feminised Seeds

cannabis plants

Awards: HTCC Indica Cup Winner 2009
CBD Content: Medium (1-5%)
THC Content: 25%
Flowering time: 55 - 60 days
Genetics: Pineapple X Skunk #1 X Cheese
Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Harvest Month: End of September
Plant height: 90 - 100 cm (indoor)
Sex: Feminised
Flowering type: Photoperiod
Taste: Cheese, Earthy, Pineapple, Skunk
Variety: Indica
Yield: High
Effect: Couch Lock

Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk epitomizes the essence of an all-indica hybrid, blending the renowned Pineapple with a fusion of Cheese and Skunk #1 strains. The aim was to intertwine the distinct flavors and fragrances of these classics into a singular, explosive cannabis encounter.

The outcome? A remarkably robust and consistent plant that has swiftly garnered global acclaim as one of Barney's Farm's premier offerings.

With its exceptional genetic makeup, Pineapple Chunk exhibits notable resilience against common cannabis ailments, including molds and fungi. Despite its brief flowering period averaging just 55 days, this strain flourishes vigorously, almost as if one could witness its growth with the naked eye—though not quite that rapidly, the results of cultivation efforts are undeniably impressive.

Pineapple Chunk encapsulates the finest attributes of its genetic lineage. During early flowering stages, it tantalizes with subtle aromas, seamlessly melding the earthy tones of Cheese x Skunk with the distinct pineapple scent that prevails.

In terms of taste, Pineapple Chunk delivers an earthy richness complemented by a burst of pineapple on the palate. Ideal for indoor cultivation, it also thrives outdoors in temperate climates, reaching heights of approximately 90 cm and yielding an impressive 600 g per square meter.

Outdoor growers can anticipate a harvest by the end of September in the Northern Hemisphere. Thanks to its feminized seeds, Pineapple Chunk ensures consistency in growth and yields, boasting abundant buds with a high concentration of THC and 1.1% CBD, inducing a profound, long-lasting couch-lock effect.

For those seeking a robust, full-bodied high, Pineapple Chunk stands as an exceptional choice.

It's important to note that cannabis cultivation and seed cultivation may be illegal in certain jurisdictions. Please familiarize yourself with the laws of your country and refrain from growing any plants if it contravenes local regulations.

Glookies Feminised Seeds

cannabis plants

CBD Content: Unknown
THC Content: 25%
Flowering time: 60 - 70 days
Genetics: Gorilla Glue x GSC Thin Mint
Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Plant height: Indoors: 100 cm; Outdoors: 180 cm.
Sex: Feminised
Flowering type: Photoperiod
Variety: Mostly Indica
Yield: High
Effect: Energetic, Motivating, Relaxing, Strong

If Marvel Studios were to craft a cannabis strain inspired by the Avengers, it would undoubtedly be Glookies.

This indica-dominant powerhouse strain is the result of a meticulous fusion between two legendary cannabis superheroes: Gorilla Glue and The Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Joining our esteemed Cali Collection, Glookies introduces yet another remarkable addition.

Prepare to be captivated by Glookies' formidable potency, delivering a super stoney effect paired with uplifting energies that invigorate your day, igniting a sense of motivation and purpose.

The flavor profile of Glookies is simply extraordinary and must be savored to be believed. Picture a harmonious collision of Sour Diesel, Key Lime, and Walnuts, culminating in one of the most exotic bouquets ever crafted in the cannabis realm.

With Glookies, anticipate robust side-branching and exceptional yields, with its colossal buds boasting an impressive THC content of 25%. Indoor growers can achieve yields of up to 800 grams per square meter, while outdoor cultivators may reap bountiful harvests ranging from 2000 to 3000 grams per plant under optimal conditions.

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